About Us

Wow! You have actually clicked on the ‘about us’ page. I didn’t think people actually did that. I’m glad we decided to bother our arse to create one now.


  • a bit of ginger

  • a bit (lot) of gin

  • a ginger nut biscuit

Favourite colour: Orange

Hates: Grumpy people


Who are Jolly Ginger Cards?

I’m glad you asked. We are a family run business. Well, when I say family, I mean myself (Stu) and my wife (Shelley). The kids don’t really get involved they’re more into endlessly watching other YouTube families having fun or playing roblox!


Why start a greeting cards company?

That was definitely my idea. Shelley was not keen in the early days; however, I was relentlessly persistent and she eventually gave in, which coincidentally is pretty much the same way I managed to convince her to marry me!


Are you actually ginger?

I can confirm…. yes, I am blessed with a fiery full head of blazing ginger hair. I like being ginger so much I even decided to grow a big bushy ginger beard and once, many years ago, I had a ginger pony tail. And if you are wondering, yes, during the ‘pony tail’ phase I did struggle to convince women to have sex with me!


  • Stinks of piss

  • Has no soul

  • Allergic to sunlight

Favourite colour: Orange

Hates: Garlic




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